Kia Sends Two Superfans on a South American Adventure ahead of the 2014 World Cup

If you spend any time watching sports like basketball or tennis, then you should know that Kia is a major sponsor of a lot of sports organizations. Soccer is another sport that Kia has a lot of involvement with, and with the World Cup being held in Rio de Janeiro this summer, you can be sure that our favorite automaker will have a presence.

As part of the lead-up to the big event this summer, Kia has sent two ambassadors on a trip across South America to see how people down there are preparing for the games. They will be piloting a new 2014 Kia Soul for the length of the journey and will be posting status videos on youtube. Check out the intro video here:

Are you excited for this year's World Cup? We know plenty of drivers here in the Falls Church that have been waiting four years for the return and will certainly be tuning in for every game they can.

Be sure to keep up with this video series on youtube for more travel reporting. For any information on the latest new Kia vehicles to enter our inventory, simply visit us here at the Beyer Kia Falls Chrurch showroom. We hope to see you soon.

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